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If you've ever been unable to answer the question, "What does your protagonist want?" then How Story Works is exactly what you need.There are so many writing books out there, and most of them are complicated, or speak to only one genre or one form. How Story Works is one simplified guide that will teach you the essential building blocks of storytelling—conflict, structure, character—and you take the rest from there.It's time to get out of your own way, and let your magic shine.


Story expert Lani Diane Rich shares her story expertise and insight through her How Story Works podcast. Through a number of short lessons, she explains her How Story Works theory, then solidifies those concepts through a Conversations series with co-host Dr. Kelly Jones, and also does on-mic consultations with writers struggling with various aspects of their writing.How Story Works is the podcast for anyone who wants to learn how to get their stories working so they can have fun writing.

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story consult

Sometimes you just need to sit down and talk about your book with someone who knows story. Lani will do a one-hour recorded session on Zoom with you and go through your work in progress, identifying story problems and helping you find solutions. This service includes a synopsis review of up to 5,000 words. You will receive both an audio and video recording of the meeting, as well as my detailed notes on your synopsis.


Tweet image capture that reads: Thank you @LaniDianeRich for your awesome advice as we talked about my current writing project during our first consultation session! I really appreciated the concrete advice and exercises you gave me.

partial review

For more in-depth help, I will read your synopsis and the first 25k words of your current work. We will then meet for 1 hour on Zoom for feedback, suggestions and any questions you have. You will receive both an audio and video recording of the meeting, as well as my detailed notes on both the synopsis and the partial.


"Lani’s assistance was instrumental in turning my manuscript into an actual book that you can hold in your hands. Her notes were clear and practical but also wonderfully encouraging. She won’t just make you a better writer, she’ll inspire to you to work hard, love your creations, and be proud to take them out into the world."

—Luke Arnold, author of the Fetch Phillips mystery series and star of Black Sails on Starz

full edit

For clients who are publishing, either traditionally or for themselves, I offer a full developmental edit on their entire work, providing multiple full edits along the way until their story is absolutely the best it can be. As this is an intensive process, spaces for this service are limited, and cost will be dependent upon the needs of the client. If you're very serious about taking your story to the next level, this is the service for you.

Contact me for a personalized quote. Limited space available.

"Lani Diane Rich is an extraordinary story and development editor. When you bring your work to her, she is thoughtful, honest, and brilliant in her assessments, making your story and the telling of it sing. I’ve brought all I learned from her to my current novels and I’m so grateful for everything she taught me about writing and about believing in myself as an author."

Nan Reinhardt, USA Today bestselling author

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As Lani Diane Rich, I have written rompy romantic comedies, funny women's fiction, and one collaborative magical romantic comedy novel with Jennifer Crusie and Anne Stuart, two of the best romance writers to ever grace the stage.

romantic comedies

funny women's fiction that will also make you cry

collaborative romance

lucy march novels

As Lucy March, I wrote romantic women's fiction set in Nodaway Falls, NY, a world filled with love, magic, and the best damn waffles you've ever vicariously tasted through fictional characters. Guaran-damn-teed.

lani diane rich

Hi! I'm Lani Diane Rich, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning podcaster, and story expert.I've published 12 novels with Hachette, St. Martin’s Press, and Penguin, and have taught storytelling, screenwriting and television production at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.My book, How Story Works: An elegant guide to the craft of storytelling is the last book you will ever need on story structure and craft, and it's available now.You can learn more about my podcasting through my media company, Chipperish.

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