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The Fortune Quilt


Accept the book with the amber spine.
Return the frog.
Take the cab.

What the hell kind of advice is that?

When Tucson Today segment producer Carly McKay visits the quirky artist’s community of Bilby, Arizona, to do a story on a psychic quiltmaker, she receives an odd reading… and her life falls apart in eerie harmony with what the quilt foretold. Her best friend professes his undying love; her show gets canceled; and the mother who disappeared seventeen years ago appears on their doorstep, getting instant forgiveness from the entire family… except Carly.

Carly rushes off to Bilby to return the cursed quilt, and then surprises herself; she stays. She rents a cabin, gets a job, and meets an artist who shows her new ways to look at life, and love. Can she run away and start a new life, or should she go back and stitch her old one back together?

And why is it so hard to get a straight answer from a psychic, anyway?

“Funny and completely involving! Carly is one of those rare characters who is both appealing and confused enough to actually fit in with the rest of your friends.”
– Jane Espenson, writer and executive producer,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls

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