When I was in the seventh grade, I had a fuchsia sweatshirt. It had a big, off-the-shoulder boat neck and batwing sleeves. Basically, it was a pink garbage bag with armholes.

Don’t judge me. It was the eighties.

Anyway, I loved that dreadful monstrosity with my whole heart. I wore it over and over, washed it, and wore it again. Then one day, I came across an oversized checkered button-down shirt at the mall and fell in love, and that was pretty much it for the fuchsia batwing. It immediately went to the back of my closet and eventually found its way to the landfill that was always its destiny.

My point is that, when it comes to fashion, I’m pretty much completely guided by whimsy and caprice.

Recently, while designing the new cover for my new book* I looked at all the covers I designed some years ago for my backlist and thought, “Huh.” I loved those covers at the time, but now… meh. I wanted something different, something new, something that went with the new cover.

On a rainy Saturday about a month ago I redesigned the cover for one of the backlist titles, just for fun, just to see, and in much the same manner as you decide to pull up a bit of carpet in the back hallway to see if there’s hardwood underneath and end up renovating the entire ground floor of the house, that led to a full redesign of everything, including all of my Lani Diane Rich book covers and the entire websites for both LaniDianeRich.com and LucyMarch.com.

And that, my friends, is how we got here. My wonderful husband, Alastair Stephens, has put together this new, united space where I can promote all my old books, show off the new cover for the new book*, and blog occasionally.

Oh, and while I’m at it, here’s the cover for the new book:
*It’ll be available later in 2016. More details coming, pinky swear. And I’ll probably have a first chapter up here sometime soon, so keep an eye out for it.